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Black Glass Eyes

Our black glass eyes are all handmade they come in three main types - Economy, Best and English.

All of our black glass eyes are top quality German hand-made crystal glass eyes or mouth blown German crystal glass eyes and they are sold in pairs.

Economy Eyes - Handmade domed in shape and can be irregular in size and shape with slight imperfections, have a round metal hoop

Best Quality Eyes - Handmade domed in shape can vary in size but are hand sorted to provide a slightly better quality, have a round metal hoop

English Glass Eyes - Handmade are more consistant in size are flatter in shape with a straight hoop

Important note: 

All Glass eyes are hand made and have a tollerance of -/+ 0.5mm i.e. a 6mm eye can vary from 5.6mm to 6.5mm

When using glass eyes, do not squeeze the loop together, instead use an awl to gain a hole big enough to insert, if you do squeeze the loop you may potentially cause the glass to fracture and therefore break, excess pulling pressure when fixing may also cause this to happen. Due to these being handmade We cannot guarantee exact matches in size or colour although we will always match single pairs as best we can!

Always be careful not to pull too hard when attatching these eyes otherwise the loop may break off.

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£ 0.73 (£ 0.61 excl VAT) each Economy Shiny Black Eyes
£ 1.25 (£ 1.04 excl VAT) each Best Quality Shiny Black Eyes
£ 1.08 (£ 0.90 excl VAT) each English Best Quality Shiny Black Eyes
£ 1.31 (£ 1.09 excl VAT) each Shoe / Boot Button Eyes
£ 1.02 (£ 0.85 excl VAT) each English Shoe / Boot Button Eyes
£ 1.51 (£ 1.26 excl VAT) each Position Eyes
£ 3.72 (£ 3.10 excl VAT) each Olde Antique Boot Button Eyes
Results 1 - 7 of 7


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