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Cats Eyes

See below links to many types of cats eyes...

Small bubbles are naturally occurring in the glass rod during manufacture, whilst the manufacture does endeavour to remove larger air bubbles there will always be a certain amount of smaller ones that will always be present.


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£ 2.14 (£ 1.78 excl VAT) each Gold Pearl Plastic Cats Eyes
£ 2.90 (£ 2.42 excl VAT) each Smoke Transparent Glass Cats Eyes
£ 1.46 (£ 1.22 excl VAT) each Strands of Perfect Cats Whiskers
£ 2.89 (£ 2.41 excl VAT) each Amber Transparent Glass Cats Eyes
£ 2.89 (£ 2.41 excl VAT) each Green Transparent Glass Cats Eyes
£ 2.89 (£ 2.41 excl VAT) each Blue Transparent Glass Cats Eyes
£ 2.60 (£ 2.17 excl VAT) each Green Plastic Cats Eyes
£ 2.14 (£ 1.78 excl VAT) each Lemon Plastic Cats Eyes
£ 2.29 (£ 1.91 excl VAT) each Blue Plastic Cats Eyes
£ 2.05 (£ 1.71 excl VAT) each Green Pearl Cat Plastic Eyes


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